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Friday, March 4, 2011

Orange nightmare

I am trying to convince a coworker to let me borrow her Harley Davidson Nightster for a week or so. Yes I said HER. She has been trying to get me to buy this thing for almost a year now. It is pretty bad ass, and a lot faster than I have ever imagined a Harley could be. Last summer I took it screaming across our work parking lot. It literally blew the contacts right out of my eyes.
I have never been a Harley guy, but this bike has really changed my opinion in general. They look good without all that extra blingity-bling chrome everywhere. Well I think I will continue to pretend that I might actually buy the thing so I can take it for an extended test drive around the Queen City.
This one isn't her actual bike, but is sure is identical. I think her exhaust is chrome, but if it were mine, I would get the flat black set of pipes that I have seen on a few others around town. God I love the two wheeled toys!!!!

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