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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Boar Hunting in South Carolina

A well thought-out hunt ended up being an over planned/expensive nature walk. Or more like a nature sit in a tree stand and watch squirrels eat corn for 8 hours a day. We must have picked the worse week ever to go down to the Cyprus Creek Hunting Lodge. And why the owner didn't tell us until we arrived that this was a bad time of year to hunt boar made me more than a little frustrated. He was sure to take the rest of the $600 that I hadn't already paid in the deposit before he relinquished this info. The accommodations and food were ok; this was my first hunting lodge experience so I can't compare to another adventure, but for the price paid, it was not worth it. Our group of eight left the lodge at 5:30AM in the pitch black of night and were driven down dirt roads until the van stopped and instructions were given on where to find the tree stand you will spend the next 5 hours in. They would pick you up one by one, and bring you back to the lodge for lunch, only to return to another part of the woods at about 4 PM to share some more intimate moments with birds and squirrels. After the sun goes down, you wait for about another hour and then you hear the van approaching in the distance. Not being able to see the ladder to your perch, or the ground beneath you, the scale down is a bit of a challenge. The eerie sound of the forest is almost defining at this point not knowing if your going to step down on top of an alligator, bob cat, coyote, or armadillo. All of which would have been free game to shoot if you even got to see one.
There were 8 people in our group and 4 other there hunting boar that weekend. No one but my Dad's cousin Todd even saw a boar the entire time we were down there. He was able to bag it, making the weekend not a complete bust. It ended up being a 136.6 lb all black (and completely muddy) boar. He ended up shooting and hitting it 3 times. One shot taking care of what would have been a delicious rack of smoked ribs. the other two went one in the neck and the other in the shoulder.
I am just glad I only had 3 hours each way invested in the trip down, unlike the rest of my family and new friends who had a 26 hour round trip journey from PA and OH. As my dad says, “that’s why they call it a hunt, and not a get.” My next trip to the woods with a gun will be a “get” or I ain’t going!!!

Todd the Champion Boar Hunter! The only one to see and kill a boar over the weekend.

This is the range next to the lodge. My dad was bummed he didn't bring his 50cal to test it out on the 4x8 sheet off plywood seen at the edge of the treeline.

Here is Todd sighting in and testing the rifle he used to get his boar. Funny, he was the only one there who wasn't able to hit the 200 yard target with his own gun??? Just kidding Todd, just a little jealous.

And fineally the group shot including Justin in his boar hunting/skateboarding Vans. Also notice my version of warm weather camo is a green t-shirt. Try to pick out the noob, if you can even see anyone else in this picture.

Beatboxer THePETEBOX beatbox and guitar cover of Pixies - Where Is My Mi...

And now enters THE PETEBOX. I have always been a fan of beat boxing back to the neon painter's hat days in the early nineties. Maybe I am a bit jealous because the only thing I can beat box is the beginning of "Sandstorm" using my buzzing-robot sound. I am particular drawn to this beat because of the vocals that sound similar to Radiohead. I can't pin the exact song down, but I am thinking it's Karma Police??

Monday, April 18, 2011

Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev!

Can someone let me borrow $128,000 for this thing? It comes with free flight training with the price, what a deal!! i love how the police came to investigate and then just sat around thinking it was hilarious. This is almost the most bad ass shit I have ever seen.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Michael Jackson!!

how did you know how to come back the third planet from the sun and create such a beautiful mountable monster. Hand built unlike the Audi car, the work of art you helped to create is toooo expensive to even be rideable. How long will the wood frame last? How strong is it? Beautiful is a lot different than functional. If you have an extra $7000 sitting around and get an itch for a bike, and wind up on the Audi site, you must be a ra-tard. Their German styling is sleek and sexy, unfortunately the engineering and mechanics of the car make is sub par. If their quality for bikes is anything like the quality if the modern VW and Audi; watch out! Do a pre-ride check, a mid-ride check and a post-ride check to be sure you don't face plant on 5th and Main. Art and function do not always work hand and hand.

So far away from Christmas :(

I hope the wife is reading this. I was goofing of on the webs today and found a link to BMW's webpage. Their SC plant is less than 2 hours away and come to find out they have daily and weekend driving/riding classes. I will have to catch the off road riding training course some time in the near future. They also have a group ride but for what they charge, you could buy a F800 cash. Ohhhh the life... On that note, anyone want a 2001 lifted MOntero Sport???

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Urban trial biking with Monster Energy's Fred Crosset

I have been really into trials riding lately, both motor bike and petal bike. If you choose not to watch this "Monster" tear up the streets and stairs in this urban jungle, at least do yourself a favor and FF to the 3:00 minute mark and check him out!!!

Anyone can ride...

Even the Pokemon ball.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"

If Danny MacAskill had tits, I would marry him.

Chris "Teach" McNeil on the BMW F800 GS

I only post the videos that really move me on Rustorama, and this one is at the top of the list. I wish I had the skills and the brass balls this dude has. Oh, and the wallet to afford to trash this $15,000 bike. Very sweet riding ability, and one bad ass ride. BTW, don't let this guy borrow your bike.