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Saturday, March 12, 2011

It seems that i may have just have outgrown my garage. Just picked up this sweet 2006 KLX250. This little green machine is all ready to go hit the streets or the woods. It came with a modded/upgraded air box, jet kit, and about $1000 worth of riding gear. The only thing I can think of that I am going to do is swap the front sprocket down to a 13 tooth, and find a reasonable exhaust system or stocker from a KLX300. The 13 tooth cog will make this a wheelie machine but will also increase the top end. Seems like magic for all of fifteen bucks. I cant wait to see where it will take me today. The next mission will be to find some cool local trails in the Charlotte area. Anyone know of any shoot me some info, and if you want to ride, do the same.


  1. What's the story on this new toy? I want to hop on and give it a spin. Looks fun

  2. Come on over, I tried to get CJ to take it around the block, but his skinny jeans were too tight to get his leg over the seat. I had a blast riding this this weekend, should have bought one 10 years ago. And to be 100% honest, if your looking to learn to ride, this is for you. If you drop it, just pick it up, while it is still running, and keep on going. STREET LEGAL TOO! Just ask the UNCC cop that pulled me over yesterday. Street legal does not mean sidewalh k legal I found out.