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Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009

That link below got me thinking about this video. Even after showing everyone I have ever met this video, and watching it over 20 times I am completely speechless. You don't have to be into bikes, or extreme sports to know when you watch this that it is TRUELY F-ING AMAZING. Call this kid MacA-Skills. How he handles a bicycle with surgical, weightless precision, is more magical than any basket Jordan has ever made, more beautiful than any 100ft putt Tiger has ever sank. The somewhat slow and then upbeat soundtrack of Band of Horses is the perfect backdrop when watching someone on a bike start by riding across a wrought iron fence and then to doing 20ft high back flips off of a tree. With over 24 million views, I know I am not the only fan. You will now see Danny on countless US commercials flipping and spinning while doing an endo in the background; including this VW commercial....
Here he is the star of the show, and preforms what I will call "the revers endo escalator," and makes it look completely effortless!?
So share my friend Danny with 24 million of your friends, and watch this video one more time.

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