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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Found some local mud

As promised, I took out the KLX. Surprisingly, I was able to find trails, nasty, muddy, rocky, torn up, trails within about 3 miles from my house. Back in the woods, I met up with 2 dudes and a chic sitting on four wheelers, and ended up following them through the muck for several hours. A few mistakes were made. First don't follow 3 four wheelers that are all equipped with snorkels. Second don't follow four wheelers while riding on a dirt bike. they completely destroy the trail and fling mud and stinky swamp goo all over you. Third, don't follow four wheelers, unless you want that small clear creek your about to cross, to turn into a huge, stinky brown pea soupy mess. Fourth, do follow 3 four wheelers if you want to "break in" your new ride that you just detailed, and want to have one hell of a Saturday. The weather could not have been more perfect, and besides the bent shifter (huge stump hidden in muck) the bike ran flawlessly.
Lets see what next weekend have to offer. So far with this bike under me, it has seen 3 paved miles, and 26 miles of dirt, mud, muck, and UNCC area trails.

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