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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PMTNR Snow Night.

It only snows about once a year in Charlotte, but when it does our city shuts down. People lose their minds, schools close, businesses turn off the lights, and everyone scrambles to the grocery store to get their share of the bread and milk rations. Why the bread and milk? I have
no idea, and I will never understand it. However this January the snow fell on a Tuesday afternoon, and as you know Tuesday is PMTNR night. Only 9 brave souls were up for the challenge and rode through our white blanketed uptown streets. We were joined by a few city busses, some SUV drivers that didn’t heed the warning to stay home unless you absolutely cannot, and a ton of CMPD cars, mostly on every corner waiting to write up the next fender bender.

This epic shot was taken at the corner of Trade and Tryon, the center crossroads of downtown Charlotte. Only an inch accumulated overall, but that inch of snow was compacted into a slick icy layer over the roads.
Tony Cam sitting on is 29er waiting at a red light as a CATS bus passes.

Below is a surreal image captured by Tony in the Latta Arcade alley looking at the bank buildings lurching overhead.

This group of 9 also got captured on video by NBC and was played on a loop as they were reporting school closings.
There always has to be a pic at the Disco Chicken, one of Charlotte's newest Downtown instalations.
Did I mention how cold it was? It was really cold!

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