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Thursday, January 9, 2014

An open letter to eBay via their facebook page after a non responsive customer service department. Will it get me my $100 back, no, but at least it made me feel better for 30 minutes.

 Dear eBay. After consulting your customer service people and being placed on hold for over 24 minutes to try and resolve my issue, I hung up and decided to take another approach. I am Erik, seller emizzle81. I have been selling on eBay for over 12 years and have the emailed achievements to attest to it. My feedback score is 196 with 100% positive feedback rating. I am a small fish in your global pond, but I am in theory much larger than buyer betotasabia66daysgoby who has a feedback rating of 3, and is located out of Chihuahua, Mexico.

 How dare you charge me $92.50 for a transaction that I stated that was listed for only US buyers. How dare you take the side of this non responding, newbie that in my opinion is out to scam American sellers. How dare you make me wait an entire week to get my $92.50 back that was charged for a sale that I didn't get compensated on.

 I have always defended you from people that have bashed your ways, I have always backed you when the prices fluctuated and dug into my wallet. I have been a fan, supporter, and investor into your .com when there have been other cheaper of free options. I have dealt with your 10% gouging fees to post and sell on your site. UNTIL NOW. No longer will I put up with your shit. This isn't the first time I have been screwed on a transaction, but as they say, this is the last. Who is "they" you ask, they is me, and everyone I can convince to rethink their selling options with the story that I have to share. Welcome to social media buddy. $92.50 might not be a lot to a conglomerate like you, but to a former supporter, small fish trying to make a little extra, it is. It hurts that your final decision to refund my $200 in a timely manner must go through a process with a scammer from Mexico with a feedback rating of 3, which obviously outweighs me, emizzle81 with a score of almost 200.

 Thanks and good riddance. emizzle81 signing out, forever.

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