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Monday, January 2, 2012

The new ride in the stable.

I sold the KLX. It was a fun bike, but heavy and slow for trail riding. I bought it before I knew what type of riding I was going to do. When I started riding with Chris Flowe's crew at the super secret Howell Creek Trails near Charlotte, I realized I felt right at home in the woods. This group of 8 dudes all ride MX bikes out there but seem to do really well. This was a big dilemma for me. I love the look and power these bikes have but was unsure it was the proper tool for the job. I threw the question out on ADV Rider and got some good responses...

I narrowed it down and went and picked up the new scoot last night. I got a 2007 YZ250F, four stroke Yamaha. It looks a little different than your typical blue machine, it is a limited white and black bike with silver graphics. 

I am going to take it out for our first ride today, also gonno break out the GoPro HD camera to get some sweet footage. Look for future videos!!!!

Here is a video of Jared Mode riding on the Howell Creek Trails. They are still under construction, so you will see where he pauses to find the correct route. 

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