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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Michael Jackson!!

how did you know how to come back the third planet from the sun and create such a beautiful mountable monster. Hand built unlike the Audi car, the work of art you helped to create is toooo expensive to even be rideable. How long will the wood frame last? How strong is it? Beautiful is a lot different than functional. If you have an extra $7000 sitting around and get an itch for a bike, and wind up on the Audi site, you must be a ra-tard. Their German styling is sleek and sexy, unfortunately the engineering and mechanics of the car make is sub par. If their quality for bikes is anything like the quality if the modern VW and Audi; watch out! Do a pre-ride check, a mid-ride check and a post-ride check to be sure you don't face plant on 5th and Main. Art and function do not always work hand and hand.

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